Debra Jones is a Reiki Master

Specializing in stress, anxiety and depression. 

  • Owner of DEBRA JONES HEALING CENTRE, healing, teaching and mentoring

  • Featured Reiki Master in THE WELLNESS STORY documentary

  • Host of OWN THE GREY podcast

  • Featured Healer in LUNCH WITH A HEALER podcast

  • Author of THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER book

  • Director of THE SUCCESSFUL HEALER ACADEMY for Energy Medicine

  • Founder of RED TENT ONTARIO

  • Supporter of MIRTHWALK


Your Partner in Health

  • Helping alleviate pain and physical symptoms, and soothe emotional issues
  • Guiding you to feel more confident and relaxed about your life and its direction
  • Empowering you to improve the quality of your life in a tangible way
  • Supporting you in realizing your capability to turn your life around from a debilitating experience
  • Assisting you to become the YOU that you were designed to be


Debra Jones Healing Centre for Healing, Counsel, or Therapy by phone, video or in-person.


Red Tent Ontario for Women's Gatherings, Support, Connection, and Rites of Passage.


The Successful Healer Book and Academy. The book supports holistic health practitioners in their healing business. The school teaches online courses.


Human Design for discovering who you were born to be, understanding your behaviour patterns and habits, and aligning to your soul path.


Helping people afford alternative healing

Debra Jones is a proud supporter of Lisa Watson's Mirthwalk fund. She donates her time to the administration and technical workings of the charity and is a featured Mirthwalk Healer. Whether you're needing to afford healing, or you're a healing practitioner, or you'd like to donate to the fund, please visit our website.